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  Just Enough Rope by Juleps

Just Enough Rope cover art

Artist: Juleps
Title: Just Enough Rope
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2001

This may not be the blues, but Blues Bunny knows what he likes - and he definitely likes this.  The Juleps are not quite pop and not quite country, but with a hint of Chicago thrown in are something all together better than what usually passes for 'good' pop or country music.  You'll certainly never want to listen to another Shania Twain CD again after hearing this!

Melissa Rose Ziemer picks up most of the lead vocal duties, and with the songwriting skills of Gary Yerkins and Grant Tye providing most of the ammunition for her wonderfully rich soulful voice, the result is an outstanding CD.  Well, two outstanding CD's actually - one recorded in the studio and one live.  Only nine tracks long, however everyone merits several repeat plays, and even 5 years on that's still the case.

Favourites from the studio set are the up tempo tracks "You Gotta Wannit" and "A Little Less Talk", with the more impassioned story telling of Blackwater Pine not far behind.  Standout live tracks are a storming version of "The Hottest Thing in Town" (with Gary Yerkins picking up the lead vocals), along with "Out in the Rain".

This CD delivers, so go get it NOW!!!  Blues Bunny gives this his highest accolade - a five carrot rating.
Review Date: June 21 2007