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  Kristen Black by Kristen Black

Kristen Black cover art

Artist: Kristen Black
Title: Kristen Black
Catalogue Number: Blackout 01532-1
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2001

California must be the world in microcosm. There are stalkers everywhere ("Wierdo Magnet"), unemployment, credit problems and sleazy lowlife men ("Down This Road"), reversal of fortunes ("Nothin' on Me") and the problems that come with non-conformity ("Fishing for Soul"). This self titled 12 track collection of self penned songs from Kristen Black deals with it all. It is social commentary, American style.

Slick and professional, this album has that polished feel that seems to come from only California. It does not seem to matter what the budget for the recording session was, the results are always shiny. Ms Black handles vocal duties admirably and the accompanying musicians never put a foot wrong either with special credit due to Chris Black for doing the Hammond organ thing. So, a neat slice of guitar driven rock music balanced with smarter-than-your-average-cat lyrics make this an easy album to recommend.
Review Date: June 21 2007