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  Life Goes On by Marcia Ramirez

Life Goes On cover art

Artist: Marcia Ramirez
Title: Life Goes On
Catalogue Number: Barefoot Jack's Records BFJ0701
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2007

Marcia's particular brand of country tends more towards the traditional style.  She sings about the themes shared by both country and blues music: of heartbreak and tragedy; of optimism and hope, and of love found and love lost.  This is the sort of music that was borne out of the heartlands of depression era America, and has provided the release for so many of the 'huddled masses' over the years.

She seems at her best with the mid to up tempo numbers.  The album's highlight, the lyrically rich "Black Riviera", is a case in point with its tragic story of the consequences of loving someone from the wrong side of the tracks.  "Give Up You" about kicking bad habits (partner included) is another cracking mid paced number.  Of the others, "Get It Right" and "Red Paint Smile" certainly standout; and "Ticket to Tulsa" is a fine piece of heartrending storytelling and is the pick of the slower numbers.

This is music with passionate lyrics melded to catchy tunes.  It is close enough to its roots to please the traditionalist, yet not quite close enough to alienate those who like a more modern and alternative take to their country music.  Well worth checking out.
Review Date: June 20 2007