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  Keep Your Silver Shined by Devon Sproule

Keep Your Silver Shined cover art

Artist: Devon Sproule
Title: Keep Your Silver Shined
Catalogue Number: City Salvage CSR16-WBG75
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2007

Whilst the multinational music machine continues its unrelenting progress towards fully production engineered music, it fails to notice that its hand crafted independent nemesis is gathering strength. Quirky and individual, this release from Devon Sproule is quite the sweetest album that the Bluesbunny has heard in some time and is a perfect example of the quality achievable in the independent sector.

Performed with delicacy and wit, this was quite a difficult album to review. There was just so little to criticise. Everything from the songs to the production gelled together to produce something quite special. "Let's Go Out" has a jaunty, Noel Coward feel to the lyrics and "Stop By Anytime" redefines charming to a shuffling samba beat. The title track, "Keep Your Silver Shined", featured some sharply allegorical lyrics to the artificiality of modern life. Our favourite was "Does the Day Feel Long?" In its delightfully meandering way it made us think of long summer days and better nights.

Devon Sproule makes magic from the mundane. Totally entrancing and good for the soul, this album may well be the aspirin that takes away the pains of modern life. It is certainly an album that you will return to time and time again.
Review Date: June 20 2007