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  Two in the Hat by Cadillac Hitmen

Two in the Hat cover art

Artist: Cadillac Hitmen
Title: Two in the Hat
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

Instrumental bands don't come along that often these days. The Cadillac Hitmen efficiently revive and develop a forgotten genre. Although they are clearly influenced by the likes of Dick Dale, the Challengers or the Surfaris, their songs last a lot longer than those chart attackers of past years. Their music could almost be jazz if it was not so rock hard.

Having said that, "Heatwave" is sensitively performed. It is not just all sledgehammer guitars. "Cold Sweat" would fit nicely into the soundtrack of an Alex Cox or David Lynch movie. "Peyote" likewise conjures pictures in your head. As this album is half studio tracks and half live tracks, it is clear that the Cadillac Hitmen are not the result of studio trickery. There is also a track 12 that is not listed on the sleeve.

It has to be said that you cannot really appreciate this album on only one listen. The recommended approach is to play it in the car for a week or so then bring it indoors with some beer and fire up the CD player. Open the beer and turn the volume up. Enjoy!
Review Date: June 22 2007