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  From Austin with Soul by WC Clark

From Austin with Soul cover art

Artist: WC Clark
Title: From Austin with Soul
Catalogue Number: Alligator ALCD4884
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2002

You get entertained from beginning to end with this fine piece of Texas blues and, let's face it, that is exactly what you'd expect from a fine Texas bluesman like WC Clark.  The sound is filled out and given added flavour by a dusting of southern soul and Memphis-style horns, and the combination is the perfect accompaniment to WC Clark's great voice.

Among the highlights are "Snatching It Back" and "Midnight Hour Blues" both of which are excellent up tempo numbers, while on the slower side the passion of "Let It Rain" really shines through.  His duet with Marcia Ball on "Don't Mess up a Good Thing" and the funkier blues of "Get Out of My Life Woman" are also more than worthy of your attention.

This is a great CD for lovers of the blues, and indeed fans of old style southern soul will find something to keep them happy as well.  So, all in all, another good offering from the reptilian purveyor of quality music.
Review Date: June 22 2007