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  Everybody Wants To by Kleveland

Everybody Wants To cover art

Artist: Kleveland
Title: Everybody Wants To
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

This is the CD that introduced Kleveland and their outstanding singer Stephanie Smith (who is also responsible for seven of the eight songs).  Although it is a bit 'primal' sounding at times, this is in part can be put down to a couple of tracks being recorded in at her house in 4-track format.  However, the entire album has a rawness to it that allows the passion and energy behind Stephanie's songs to come to the fore.

The promise of this band is evident right from the opening track "One Eye", a superb Iggy Pop inspired slab of punk, and is confirmed with "The Dukes" and "Adult Love" both of which have a bit more of a pop sound (although certainly not the sugar coated variety).  Of the tracks recorded 'in-house' "Café Flesh" is the one that stands out in its sheer simplicity with just Stephanie on guitar and vocals. 

This combination of punk, pop and alternative rock should take Kleveland and Stephanie onwards to greater success, so we suggest that you get in on the ground floor while you can, otherwise you'll find yourself trying to catch up as they take off.
Review Date: June 22 2007