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  Milkwhite Sheets by Isobel Campbell

Milkwhite Sheets cover art

Artist: Isobel Campbell
Title: Milkwhite Sheets
Catalogue Number: V2 Records VVR1043452
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

This 13 track album opens with "O Love is Teasin'", an atmospheric track where folk music collides with a spaghetti western soundtrack to interesting effect.  The rest of the album mixes traditional songs such as the curiously affecting accapella version of "Loving Hannah" with songs by Paul Giovanni, Jim McCulloch and Ms Campbell herself.

Ms Campbell has a gentle, winsome voice that suits the songs on this album well. The production is understated and the music washes over you like the warm sea. In summary, this album is a nice example of the folk genre.

Review Date: June 22 2007