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  Days to Remember by William Hut

Days to Remember cover art

Artist: William Hut
Title: Days to Remember
Catalogue Number: Corazong 255088
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Bluesbunny is a country boy at heart. With this album, William Hut brings us a tasteful collection of 11 country flavoured songs. Avoiding the sugar overload that comes of modern day Nashville, the songs (mostly written by William Hut and Bjorn Bunes) reflect the purity of simple times.

The title track, "Days to Remember", is a fine commentary on commitment. Mr Hut's ability as a singer is highlighted in his cover of Hank William's "The Log Train". Perhaps even more important to note is how this classic fits right in beside his own songs. "Faded Highway" impressed us with the picture it painted of the emptiness of a man's soul. We like a good ballad and the melancholy album closer "I'm Dying to See You Again"; we found the best song on the album. You would indeed have a heart of stone if you were not touched by this gem.

It is a fair observation to say that traditional American music is treated with more respect outside its home country than within. Being from Norway, William Hut reinforces this opinion. At times sad and reflective, the overall feeling of this album is curiously warm and uplifting. It feels real and that is a bit of a rarity these days. If you have a soul rather than a pickup truck then this album is for you.
Review Date: June 20 2007