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  High Tide by East River Blues Band

High Tide cover art

Artist: East River Blues Band
Title: High Tide
Catalogue Number: ERBB Productions
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

From New York, the East River Blues Band brings us 12 tracks of good, honest rhythm and blues. Mostly self penned, the band show their talent as genre independent songwriters - "Closing Time" and "Independent Woman" could equally well have been performed as country and western songs. On "Candy Store" BluesBunny was tempted to think of the work of Hoagy Carmichael in its structure if not the content (although it did cause a smile) and "Subway Blues" was delivered in almost a Noel Coward style.

The album is well performed throughout with some noteworthy kazoo playing on the aforementioned "Candy Store". BluesBunny has not heard a kazoo used in anger in quite some time. Fine harmonica playing and strong vocals make this a good natured, enjoyable album.
Review Date: June 22 2007