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  All Aboard by The Delegators

All Aboard cover art

Artist: The Delegators
Title: All Aboard
Catalogue Number: Brainlab Groove
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Keeping true to their musical influences are London band The Delegators as they release their respectful, almost to fault, take on the ska/rocksteady sound to an unsuspecting world with their album “All Aboard” running straight and true all the way through.

The main strength of this band is the voice of Janet Kumah who manages to evoke a real soul singer groove in every song that she sings with nothing she does ever seeming forced or otherwise contrived while the deadly earnest boys in the band run straight as an arrow even if sometimes they just don’t bounce as they might be expected to do.

Of the songs, “Minus 1” and “Trouble” stand out as the ones that bring out the summer in Ms Kumah’s voice although she, in truth, never really puts a foot wrong even in the otherwise leaden version of “Nowhere To Run”.

Fans of the genre won’t be disappointed by this album and that’s a fact.
Review Date: July 18 2014