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  Masks EP by Skinny Dipper

Masks EP cover art

Artist: Skinny Dipper
Title: Masks EP
Catalogue Number: Olive Grove Records
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2014

All you need from life is love and all you need from Glasgow is a nice nine piece band infused with nothing less than loveliness. That’s fortunate as folk flavoured loveliness is what you get from Skinny Dipper with the songs that make up their “Masks” EP being exemplary examples of wistful excess.

You won’t find as much as a single harsh word here and the songs, powered by reflected introversion, likewise are presented as if coated with sugar. Violins dance eloquently throughout to provide the cinnamon seasoning and Alex Kenzel, whilst often singing like she has been possessed by the spirit of Meursault, lacks nothing in either charm or sweetness of tone.

Of the songs, it can honestly be said that they are festival friendly with “Landing” providing enough proof of spirit to suggest the necessary compatibility with alcohol has been taken into creative consideration by Skinny Dipper. However, it in the softest moments that one might well become overcome with enthusiasm for this band and the restrained drama of “Son of a Mitch” is likely the song that will seal the deal for the majority.

“Masks” is an endearing EP that proves both easy on the ear and warming to the heart and that’s plenty good enough for me.
Review Date: August 22 2014