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  Sistah Punk by Big Joanie

Sistah Punk cover art

Artist: Big Joanie
Title: Sistah Punk
Catalogue Number: Tuff Enuff Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2014

The humble cassette gives even the most peripheral band the chance to get physical and London’s Big Joanie now have their own red one courtesy of Tuff Enuff Records and “Sistah Punk” is the title they gave it.

What you get in that piece of red plastic in a little box is four songs inspired by the punk DIY ethos that, I suspect predated this band by a decade or two. However, despite the rough and ready presentation, there is something entrancingly melodic about Big Joanie and credit for that goes to the voice – whichever one of the three ladies takes up-front honours – that runs with the kind of precision that holds the bands together as if she is the only one that can hear the click track. The band’s feminist stance certainly drives the lyrics but it does also seem that seems that the sixties Brill Building song writing style is often further to the fore than the message. That’s hardly a major problem though and both “Dream Number 9” and “Giant” demonstrate the sonic benefits of such a coexistence.

Are Big Joanie worth a listen then? I’d say yes.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 2 2014