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  Nobody Dies EP by Daisy Victoria

Nobody Dies EP cover art

Artist: Daisy Victoria
Title: Nobody Dies EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Can relentless efficiency have artistic worth? That is a question that many a musician must ask themselves in these days of digital perfection whilst also wondering where the soul might actually fit into the equation of success.

I don’t know if Daisy Victoria suffered such conflict but the sense of drama that she injects into her EP “Nobody Dies” suggests that her decision to overcompensate for the emotionless electro sound of the eighties echoing beneath her words was nothing less than inspired.

Daisy Victoria uses her voice like a weapon with a stylised forcefulness defining her presence in the space between your ears with “Nobody Dies” consequently acquiring all the attributes of an anthem. Her enigmatic approach is further highlighted in “Ammonite” as the metaphorical pretension is righteously subsumed by the cool blue spotlight she shines upon the shadows.

 “Another Sky” provides another example of the insistent persistence that sequencing bring being counterpointed by her plaintive vocals, this time aligned to the expectations of folk genre, as if to represent our the conflicts inherent in our overly protective society. Political perhaps and oblique certainly, Daisy Victoria sings the songs that the shallow will never understand.

Whilst the robotic precision of the music may cause many to think of the chart tempting sounds of the past, Daisy Victoria is, more likely, the borne out of time child of some mythical Welsh witch. The beguiling has begun.
Review Date: December 2 2014