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  Release The Stars (Part 1) EP by Little Moon and Fox Killer

Release The Stars (Part 1) EP cover art

Artist: Little Moon and Fox Killer
Title: Release The Stars (Part 1) EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

In the land of bedsit electronica there are many laptops and those laptops are, almost inevitably, guided by introspection often to the point of self-obsession. It is to the credit of Little Moon and Fox Killer – from that Garden of Eden known as Cleveland, Ohio - that they have avoided looping themselves into their own trouser pockets by delivering their music in honour of a greater power.

Their “Release The Stars” EP can therefore be considered a devotional work even if its intent is never enforced with fervour. Certainly, the relentless beat of “Reconciled” would suggest a comparison with a religious chant might be appropriate but it also true that the casual listener would likely see the opportunity for a more dancefloor directed remix. However, “Shallow Graves” moves them deeper into the shadows of the soul and gives the clearest indication of the beliefs close to the collective hearts of Little Moon and Fox Killer. One click tracked heartbeat away from redemption perhaps?

“Test The Waters” benefits from the kind of wholesome, and some might even say hymn like, quality that is so often bypassed in the less civilised arena of Christian Rock while “Under Your Wings” is driven onwards and upwards more by spirit than sequencer.

It’s not often that God makes it into a review but it is, in truth, not difficult to work out who guides the hand the caresses the keyboards and laptops of Little Moon and Fox Killer even if they consistently underplay that very hand.
Review Date: January 24 2015