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  The Curious World of the Bad Detectives by The Bad Detectives

The Curious World of the Bad Detectives cover art

Artist: The Bad Detectives
Title: The Curious World of the Bad Detectives
Catalogue Number: Western Star Recordings WSRC088
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2015

You can’t keep a good band down and The Bad Detectives show no signs of getting horizontal with their new album “The Curious World of the Bad Detectives” being another example of their ever reverential hybrid of that good old British r ‘n’ b and surf pop keeping your feet tapping.

As always, The Bad Detectives are no mere revivalists and they, with a commendable lightness of touch, redirect that summer means fun sound of The Curious World of the Bad Detectives to Dorset’s very own Chesil Beach (“The Chesil Beach Luau”) namechecking their way down the local hostelries as they do so. Of course, staying within genre expectations isn’t really the way of The Bad Detectives either and for every humorous retake on affectionate werewolves (“Michael Landon Bit Me” – if you have more hair in your ears than on your head then you will remember Michael Landon) there is a studious stylistic parody on another genre (“Glam Rock Lock-In”).

The Bad Detectives are the kind of band that will probably last forever or until they, or you, run out of beer.

The album is available from Western Star.
Review Date: May 31 2015