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  Everything Boom! by Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales

Everything Boom! cover art

Artist: Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales
Title: Everything Boom!
Catalogue Number: Off The Label Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2015

If I were a philosopher then I would probably say something glib like the future is the past when describing the music of Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales. However, when you think about it, there is actually no today so partying like there is no tomorrow is as good a musical course to set as any.

So what you get – and this is perhaps no surprise given that Alex Maiorano is Italian – is a surprisingly stylish set of songs that grabs as many good time sounds as the band can from the back catalogue of music with the casual, sax led, “Get, Get It” being about as American as you can get without actually going back in time to the sixties before the seventies flavoured “Desperado with the Ukulele Sound” then moves the band into the orbit of the Rolling Stones in their stadium filling days complete with a big chorus and, of course, a sax solo. Naturally, ska can’t be forgotten when you start mishmashing genres and “Three Boys in One Night” duly makes the trip to the beach.

Nobody would accuse Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales of being the tidiest band on the planet but their enthusiasm for kicking  that good old rock ‘n’ roll sound at the ceiling makes them a party band to be reckoned with and “Everything Boom!” is the proof.
Review Date: September 13 2015