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  Abject Obsessions by Koban

Abject Obsessions cover art

Artist: Koban
Title: Abject Obsessions
Catalogue Number: Avant! Records 040
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2016

Sometimes you wonder if God really has a plan. After all, isn’t it enough that she invented both the vinyl record and Simon Cowell? What more could one planet need? Well, one less Simon Cowell and one more vinyl record would be nice and said vinyl record might as well be by Canadian night worshippers Koban.

Living in the dark side of synthpop town, Koban spin up enough discord to start their own mascara splattered tornado with their ever relentless electric box of piledriver rhythms stealing a late night city bus and talking it for a joy ride through a four in the morning alterative reality while the alternating voices, whether male or female, sound like the repentance of ghosts after they have committed the kind of transgression that would get them banned from the school that the cool kids attend. Listen therefore to the torment that turns “Elias Sees” in circles and then search for the ecumenical solution. “Between The Differences” isn’t the solution but the outline of the pulpit is there for all to see so worship but be aware that the preacher is not all that he seems.

I feel the drama, I hear the night and Koban are my guide. They say tough guys don’t dance but they do to the robotic beat of the Koban drum.
Review Date: April 23 2016