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  Velvet Pants
b/w Interior/Exterior by Milky Wimpshake

Velvet Pants <br />b/w Interior/Exterior cover art

Artist: Milky Wimpshake
Title: Velvet Pants
b/w Interior/Exterior

Catalogue Number: Tuff Enuff TEEP24
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2016

There are times when you know that God has a plan for everything and, after these few minutes spent in the company of the music of Milky Wimpshake, I know that his plan for the seven inch vinyl single included this band.

Milky Wimpshake is the legendary – amongst indie popsters at least – Pete Dale and an ever evolving selection of sidekicks so the sparky guitar led nature of these two songs should be no surprise yet it remains a wonder just how the balance between the downbeat words and the upbeat music is achieved. Duelling male and female vocals add spice to “Velvet Pants” and both this song and the flipside “Interior/Exterior” are highly likely to induce a feeling of wellbeing.

This refreshing example of indie pop is available as limited edition vinyl from Tuff Enuff Records.
Review Date: May 11 2016