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  Miss Lonely Hearts by The Pink Diamond Revue

Miss Lonely Hearts cover art

Artist: The Pink Diamond Revue
Title: Miss Lonely Hearts
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Vinyl EP 12"
Release Year: 2016

It’s been a while since someone tried to squeeze a twelve inch single into my mailbox but, with the resurgence in the popularity in the vinyl, it was inevitable that it would happen and this particular insertion was courtesy of The Pink Diamond Revue.

Needless to say, this songs and sounds on this slab of black vinyl are determinedly retro in style as if regurgitated by some club DJ who had been locked in a wardrobe with just a Technotronic album since the nineties. The title song, “Miss Lonely Hearts” is locked to the analogue sequencer sound complete with robotic percussion, scratchy guitar and the obligatory short samples and both “Blink” and “Final Meal Request” follow the same musical path even if the latter song may prove more appealing off the dancefloor than on.

The funny thing is that these songs, despite their reliance on the snippets of the past, actually made me feel happy. That might, of course, just be me getting sentimental for the times when every weekend was a blur but, on reflection, you could do a lot worse than give these songs a spin.
Review Date: June 13 2016