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  Do The Twang
b/w Movin' On by The Standals

Do The Twang<br /> b/w Movin' On cover art

Artist: The Standals
Title: Do The Twang
b/w Movin' On

Catalogue Number: Off Label records OLR59
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2016

More from the wonderful world of retro style vinyl. This time, it is the turn of two man team The Standals to make some good old fashioned music with “Do The Twang” and they reach our ears courtesy of Johnny Hanke’s revivalist Off Label Records.

Needless to say, “Do The Twang” has the reverb laden lo-fi sound that no self-respecting band in awe of the past can do without and, with the addition of the downbeat lost in the mix vocals of Steve Train, The Standals easily set the mood for a cigarette and a shuffle towards the jukebox for one more song.

Flipping the splattered blood red vinyl – that certainly adds to the kitsch appeal – “Movin’ On” adds a dose of drawling melancholy so that the band can take a walk down the path to Roy Orbison’s house. That’s a journey The Standals clearly want to make.

The Standals might well have an old fashioned sound but I suspect that won’t stop them making new friends with this record.
Review Date: February 28 2017