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  A Day Like No Other by Mournin Dove

A Day Like No Other cover art

Artist: Mournin Dove
Title: A Day Like No Other
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

You don’t need to have dedicated your entire life to drugs to know that rock music will be, and always has been, the same thing that it always us and New York band Mournin Dove know this too and, with their EP “A Day Like No Other”, they take the opportunity to revel in reverence to songs powered by guitars.

Of course, this would be a very short review indeed if that was all this band could do and, fortunately for us, they prove themselves more than capable of breathing life into the clichés of the rock genre with their mix of spirited vocals and power chords inspiring the listener to run that amber light just like the taxi drivers do. That element of irresponsibility, along with the pronounced sense of lyrical irony that allows the band to get away with songs called “Keep On Keeping On” and “My Baby’s Gone”, makes these five songs more than merely an accompaniment to lite beer.

So, while Mournin Dove - Aaron Lewis, Todd Lewis and Marc Clayton – may sound like they are playing the same game as those who have gone before them, there is more to them than meets the ears.

The album is available from CD Baby amongst other places.
Review Date: April 26 2017