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  The Mothers Earth Experiment by The Mothers Earth Experiment

The Mothers Earth Experiment cover art

Artist: The Mothers Earth Experiment
Title: The Mothers Earth Experiment
Catalogue Number: Swordfish SWFCD35
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

To ramble or not to ramble. That is the question and one that may be reasonably asked of a band like The Mothers Earth Experiment as they meander through their self-titled album that exemplifies all that progressive rock once embodied.

Certainly, The Mothers Earth Experiment can ramble forever onwards in the best tradition of the genre but that is, thankfully, underpinned by a degree of musical skill unusual in these days of fixing it in the mix. That, in turn, will make this album something an anathema to the youth of today as there is nothing crude, scandalous or just plain loud here to catch their attention with, instead, the comfort of obvious musical literacy letting each of these extended songs run their course without ever resorting to the quick fix of repetition for impact.

As a consequence, it is perhaps inevitable that this album may prove too easy to ignore as, for many, it will simply seem to lack focus yet, if you have the patience, there are many subtleties to appreciate with the most eloquent being found in “Quietus” and “Trust Me”.

So, whilst yet another band in awe of the past, The Mothers Earth Experiment nonetheless nudge themselves forward by the simple virtue of being better than the rest.
Review Date: May 30 2017