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  Bon Bon by Dai & The Ramblers

Bon Bon cover art

Artist: Dai & The Ramblers
Title: Bon Bon
Catalogue Number: Just Peachy Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Time for a bit of class. There’s always time for a bit of class isn’t there? Yes there is, and Dai & The Ramblers have the kind of class that allows them to transcend the usual limitations of “roots” music and, with their album “Bon Bon”, take them on a journey instead into the land of easy listening.

Much of their appeal lies in the voice of Dai Price – and you could easily imagine him on the bill at the London Palladium back in the days when light entertainment was king - but there is also much to enjoy in the polished playing that gives the songs on this album their steady course and speed with stylistic elements from all the best places, such as Cajun and even jazz influences, to highlight what you get when you give good musicians a purpose.

Regarding the songs, the modus operandi seems to be the traditional one for my baby and one for the road. You’ve only got to listen to “Blue Bear” or “Wait Till the Last Bullet Falls” to hear the evidence. However, that’s the way it should be and always has been and, as Dai & The Ramblers clearly know that, I’ll raise my glass to them.

Review Date: August 25 2017