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  Rock & Roll by Liquid Meat

Rock & Roll cover art

Artist: Liquid Meat
Title: Rock & Roll
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

There will always be a market for beer drinking music for as long as there is beer (which should be forever if I am elected God) and it would not be disingenuous to call Liquid Meat’s new album “Rock & Roll” distinctly beer compatible.

The title says it all with all seven songs from this German band powered up and ready to rock on a Friday night. You could even say that the songs don’t even matter for Liquid Meat have gone hell for leather towards making these songs less statements than weapons that could well be used to exorcise the demons of rock’s past. Listen to the downright spirited guitar work that makes “Electric Destiny” a gloriously macho journey through every cliché in the book.

Perhaps the band’s greatest strength is that there is honesty rather than pretension behind those sandpaper vocals and the guitar pyrotechnics and that gives “Rock & Roll” enough more than enough lift to take it out of the swamp of mediocrity. Liquid Meat are a band that you would want to see in some dirty underground club just to see if they really could bring the roof down.
Review Date: August 28 2017