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  Human Giving by Darto

Human Giving cover art

Artist: Darto
Title: Human Giving
Catalogue Number: Aagoo Records AGO102
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Now this could have been a pretentious album. Could but it isn’t. “Human Giving” isn’t a standard album either. Nor is it a particularly an offbeat one for that matter. It is, however, one that demonstrates that, even in these dull days of corporate conformity, adventure and music can go together with Darto shining their musical torch on all the shadows of their tripped out world.

You could also say that “Human Giving” is something of a concept album as there does seem to be a story being told. What that story might actually be is subject to interpretation and, quite possibly, transcendental influences with many of the songs starting off in a conventional way then drifting as if overcome by the kind of confusion that the recently sentient might suffer. You might even say that there is a degree of near Beefheartian insanity on show too although that is tempered with those, perhaps knowingly contrived, arthouse lyrical ramblings so beloved of today’s uptown upscale hipsters.

Go with the flow seems to be the best way to approach this album and it is to Darto’s credit that they have made the songs of one but not of the same with the resulting near hypnotic effect allowing the listener to be overcome by combination of the meandering male and female vocals and the curious melange of musical styles that, put together, are practically guaranteed to separate you from whatever you think is your reality.

Have courage listener and spin this one mercilessly for this is what the music of the future should be.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: October 2 2017