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  Zeelley Moon by Zeelley Moon

Zeelley Moon cover art

Artist: Zeelley Moon
Title: Zeelley Moon
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

Despite feeling distinctly old today, I’m probably too young to remember the time when this kind of music was in vogue, and perhaps Zeelley Moon - Patrick Molesworth and friends - are too, so this self-titled album may best be viewed as an affectionate tip of the modern day hat to the more indulgent ways of yesterday’s soft rock scene.

However, as the many rock revival festivals of today testify, there is still a market for this kind of middle of the road music and it is to the credit of all concerned that this album is both easy on the ear and remarkably free of the irony that is usually the consequence of awaking the past from its slumbers. The songs on this album seem, on the surface at least, casual affairs yet it is clear that, underneath it all, an appreciation of melody drives things forever forward and even the longer songs, such as “Out of the Blue” at no less than 8 minutes, manage to avoid outstaying their welcome.

As a three minute pop song man myself, I therefore didn’t think I would find much on this album to please my notoriously fussy ears yet songs like “Designer Crime” and the soundtrack friendly “Living on the Water” proved to have a poise and maturity that was rather appealing.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the packaging of this compact disc. True to the Zeelley Moon worship of the ways of the past, this album comes in a suitably luxurious 16 page digibook package for you to peruse whilst being transported backwards in time by the music.
Review Date: October 13 2017