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  Thanks a Million EP by Miss The Occupier

Thanks a Million EP cover art

Artist: Miss The Occupier
Title: Thanks a Million EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2017

I can’t honestly recall the first time that I saw Miss the Occupier - April 11, 2008, says the all knowing Editor – yet they still possess the ability to throw in a surprise or two with their new EP “Thanks a Million”.

I remember that Miss the Occupier were the kind of post punk band that exemplified the Glasgow sound that should have been but never really was and, indeed, “The Wreckoning” is something akin to a chip of the old, if electronically enhanced, block. Yet there is more here with the synth driven “Something to Find” exuding all the right trendy musical influences for these retro times while maintaining the surprisingly high level of lyrical acidity that provides the true motivation for adding all three of these songs to your playlist. As for the title track “Thanks A Million”, a notable degree of maturity and, dare I say, ennui rises rapidly to the surface and duly marks Miss The Occupier as a band with a future rather than a just another band with a swansong.

Surprises are rare these days and Miss The Occupier have surprised me. You may not be familiar with Miss The Occupier but perhaps it is time to make their acquaintance.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: December 8 2017