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  Donkey Jukebox by James Green

Donkey Jukebox cover art

Artist: James Green
Title: Donkey Jukebox
Catalogue Number: Sonido Polifonico SP007
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2017

An album like “Donkey Jukebox” by James Green gives me a certain degree of comfort as it provides proof that people can still follow their own direction instead of simply worshipping the false god of consumerism.

Of the music, not much can really be said. It is apparently a sort of soundtrack to an art installation about donkeys and anything to do with donkeys is usually good. Extensive use is made of a melancholy infused instrument called a harmoniflute so we must assume that the donkeys that motivated Mr Green’s music were not high on happy pills either. The end result is, therefore, something of a curiosity for there is nothing of commercial value in these songs and lacking lyrics or, indeed, anything positional that would allow the listener to reach out and grab them, they drift away on the wind. That, possibly, was the point of the exercise.

“Donkey Jukebox” is by no means an unpleasant listen and credit must be given for having the courage to release something that isn’t really about anything. I suppose that is what makes it art.
Review Date: December 10 2017