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  AM EP by Andrea Marini

AM EP cover art

Artist: Andrea Marini
Title: AM EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Bluesbunny favours the unusual. Too much music these days plays into the safety zone. It neither offends nor challenges. Individuality is not prized. With these 5 tracks, Andrea Marini brings us music that comes from his heart and not from someone else's chequebook.

Andrea Marini's vocal style is unique. The lyrics to his songs are a kind of deranged poetry. The arrangements are varied but always appropriate. Difficult to comprehend on the first listen, there is however something strangely compelling about it all. "Increase My Faith" is the most conventional song reminding us of something that Morrissey or perhaps even Marc Almond would perform. "Organ Song" starts with a shuffling beat and that spaghetti western soundtrack feel but the lyrics? "I'd gladly throw myself in front of some uncommon car" This is not your average songwriter.

The best is saved to last. "Paris" is a damn fine song.  This is the kind of song that would be played over the credits of a subtitled arthouse movie. Sounding reflective initially, it builds slowly and steadily over its 7 minutes and 20 seconds length to a maximum force acoustic tremor. This EP is a curiously appealing collection of songs. At times unfocused - even random - his songs twist and turn and manage to find a way to power themselves into your memory. Definitely one to take your time over. Andrea Marini is an original.
Review Date: June 28 2007