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  Alien With A Double Chin by Dirk Geil

Alien With A Double Chin cover art

Artist: Dirk Geil
Title: Alien With A Double Chin
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records OLR80
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2018

From the bottomless pit of rock ‘n’ roll good times that is Off Label Records comes yet another, presumably German, believer in the ways of the past. This particular revivalist preacher goes by the name of Dirk Geil and his album goes by the name of “Alien with a Double Chin”.

It is abundantly clear, however, that Dirk Geil is a man with a sense of humour and, in amongst all the crank it up and kick the wall stomping sounds, there is more enough to suggest that he is also man having far more fun than most. Listen to the lyrics to “Elvis” and it is hard to avoid the conclusion that he isn’t taking the whole rock ‘n’ roll devotion thing too seriously. As for deeper meaning of “Penis in Markenqualität”, it takes little time to figure out that Dirk Geil has the soul of a juvenile delinquent.

No complaints from me though as it has been far too long since I was actually able to call an album “fun”. “Alien with a Double Chin” is most certainly fun and, with addition of one too many beers, it might even be the best album you have heard all year. Where is the bottle opener anyway?
Review Date: November 21 2018