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  Come With Me by Dave Arcari

Come With Me cover art

Artist: Dave Arcari
Title: Come With Me
Catalogue Number: Buzz Records BRS032006
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Down at the crossroads it is said that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. Maybe Glasgow’s Dave Arcari went to Parkhead Cross to get the fire put into his guitar playing soul. He snarls, growls and plays his way through the 14 tracks that make up this album like a man possessed.

The guitar is the thing on this album. Dave Arcari’s voice is not a subtle thing. Like American practitioners of the old guitar ways like KM Williams, his playing is from a different time. In fact, the vocals are almost a sideline to the powerhouse guitar work. “Come with Me” sound like it should be on an old shellac 78. Traditional songs like “Going to See the King” are handled with respect but most of the album is self composed.  “Troubled Mind” is a good example of his take on the conventional blues song. More shouted than sung, he uses his gravely tones to punctuate his firebrand playing.

This album stings you. Born of sweat and whisky (or should that be bourbon), it is the antidote to smooth, soulless jazz and vacuous pop music. The raw edge to his vocals keeps it fresh for the Bluesbunny ears. He has managed to successfully infuse urban sensibilities into downhome country blues.
Review Date: June 30 2007