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  Hail! by Caezar

Hail! cover art

Artist: Caezar
Title: Hail!
Catalogue Number: RG Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2018

When you consider the state of popular music these days, it is no wonder that so many people wonder where it all went wrong, and it seems that the only music manufactured by television factory has any guarantee of exposure. However, sometimes you come across a band that still does things according to the old ways and puts the songs first. Caezar – Chris Quiqley, Rich Gills and Zoe Dwyer – do just that with the “Hail Caezar!” EP.

You get four real songs here and while they are all in the currently fashionable plastic pop vein, there is nonetheless a clear understanding of oft forgotten essentials like melody and, of course, the chorus. This is most pleasingly obvious in the stadium filling “Hold On” but, in truth, the other three songs do not disappoint in this area and, as precisely assembled by producer Justin Broad, this EP sounds as assured as the best of the bigger boys and girls.

With all the style boxes duly ticked, strong songs and confident performances, Caezar, unsurprisingly, make a positive impressive with this EP. Shall we shall hear more from them? That’s up to you.
Review Date: December 15 2018