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  Experiments in the Dark by Where We Sleep

Experiments in the Dark cover art

Artist: Where We Sleep
Title: Experiments in the Dark
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Do cats dream in Technicolor? Does the sun shine only on the righteous? So many questions and so little time to find answers but there is always time to pay more taxes whilst awaiting the inevitable death of your soul. It’s a bleak life and such a life needs a bleak soundtrack and “Experiments In The Dark” by Where We Sleep fits the bill nicely.

Where We Sleep – led the former Blindness power source Beth Rettig – is a mistress of sonic shades of grey with the five songs that make up this EP swirling fog atop the rhythmic fascism of looped inevitability. Ms Rettig, as always, is laconic to the point of no return with her spiralling voice wrapping words around the anguished chords of torment that drive these songs ever forward to the edge of some spiritual abyss. Make no mistake – there is nothing playful or throwaway to be found here with the title song, in particular, diving deep into a pool of eternal despair.

An EP to love? Perhaps not but certainly “Experiments In The Dark” is an EP that has both depth and direction and, on this evidence, Where We Sleep will never be accused of making fast food for the ears.
Review Date: April 21 2019