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  Ragnatele by Daniela Savoldi

Ragnatele cover art

Artist: Daniela Savoldi
Title: Ragnatele
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Much music that we are force fed these days seem trivial and designed for a short shelf life and consequent consignment to the oblivion of planned musical obsolescence. That is, perhaps, the price we have paid for computer assistance in the making of music yet it cannot be fully blamed on technology as Daniela Savoldi proves with her album “Ragnatele”.

Daniela Savoldi is a user of technology known for her abilities to imprison the sonorous sounds of her cello within loops of despair but she never forgets that, for music to live forever, it must be a product of both hand and heart. Throughout this album, her abilities with the cello are never in doubt nor is her ability to present her music as an organic entity complete in both expression and execution and, when you put these thing together and she is therefore able to give her compositions an eloquence and, indeed, emotional impact that takes them beyond the three minute attention span determined by corporate conformity.

The cello is the kind of instrument that provides an excellent voice for a wordless world and Daniela Savoldi makes that voice speak words of beauty.

Best song? “Space” for its elegant expression of emptiness.

The verdict? Daniela Savoldi once again proves that music can be more than a product.
Review Date: May 19 2019