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  Rock and Roll Drag Queen Tribute by Robbie Quine

Rock and Roll Drag Queen Tribute cover art

Artist: Robbie Quine
Title: Rock and Roll Drag Queen Tribute
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

There is a dark underworld out there. Inhabited by all sort of strange people and a musical genre called Tranni Rock. One of the foremost practitioners in this niche is Robbie Quine.

Dark and smutty (but in a harmless, Benny Hill kind of way), this is a collection of disparate songs strung along to a grungy backing. Songs about dance crazes used to be common but "Do the Tranni Trot" takes things to an entirely different dimension. Just the thing for dingy night clubs. Then things go all camp and Rocky Horror Picture Show with "Glitter Bitch" and we just don't know what Adam West would make of "Bat Queen". Also claiming a place on the new, amended Rocky Horror soundtrack is the weird "Zombie Drag Queen". For a bit of quality bitching, it is hard to beat "Trasheddublanc". "Special Girl" almost qualifies as a conventional love song even if it would need a broad minded radio station to play it. Anyway, Bluesbunny nearly fell off his seat with laughter when listening to "Kentucky Fried Drag Queen". There is certainly a deranged sense of humour at work in there. We hazard a guess that this is not the kind of thing that would ever get played at the Grand Ole Opry however.

This album was a bit of a shock to the CD player. The humour shone through in the songs and that gave this album its appeal. Worth tracking down even if we are not quite sure where you would file it in your CD collection.
Review Date: July 8 2007