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  Nobody’s Baby by Nobody’s Baby

Nobody’s Baby cover art

Artist: Nobody’s Baby
Title: Nobody’s Baby
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

If you drink enough beer then you get to wondering if all the world is indeed a circle. Mind you, not all circles are bad and Nobody’s Baby do a fine job of spinning us around and allowing us to fall into a reverb laden fifties time warp whilst adding enough in the way of power chords to make their self-titled EP seem as much of today as it was of March 1980.

These songs just beg to be played loud – preferably on an 8 track in a vintage stick shift Camaro – and as the guitars and vocals cascade into some basement version of oblivion, Nobody’s Baby drag you into their parallel, and dirtier, universe where everything is nothing in the best nihilistic tradition of late period rock ‘n’ roll reinvention. After all, you don’t need sunshine when you have sonic purpose and Nobody’s Baby indeed have that and, as they maximise the volume to their raucous soundtrack to a lost Saturday night in Hell (or Memphis), you can just hear the distant echo of Quentin Tarantino attempting to acquire the rights to use these songs in his next movie.

So, this EP is undeniably retro sounds on the rampage but that does not in any way discredit Nobody’s Baby’s energetic approach to both making some noise and encouraging juvenile delinquency.

Best song? The swaggering “Pillz”.

The verdict? Raucous rock ‘n’ roll revivalism.
Review Date: August 17 2019