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  Well Well by Nigel Thomas

Well Well cover art

Artist: Nigel Thomas
Title: Well Well
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2019

Can you drown in a sea of your musical influences? Apparently not, as Nigel Thomas proves with his album “Well Well” that, with his own personal flotilla of hooks and choruses, he can successfully conquer anyone’s record collection.

It’s all in the song or so they say, and they are, as is often the case, correct and, with a near evangelical reverence for the better times of the British music industry, Nigel Thomas implements his strategy to imprint his songs into your memory. Add in a healthy dose of actual musical skill from his shipmates on this musical journey and you will most likely feel the urge to put this album on repeat.

There is something for everyone with ears here from the catchy Britpop of “Stepping Up” to the playful “Smiling and Laughing” all vying for your attention on the jukebox that is the soundtrack of your life. By now, you might well have surmised that I am close to overdosing on the simple fact that “Well Well” is an album full of actual songs that even the intellectually challenged – such as myself - can actually remember ten minutes after initial exposure. I’d like to say that I hear albums like this every day but I don’t, and it is to Nigel Thomas’s credit that he has made the effort to do the old school thing and make an album filled to the gunnels with musical goodness. I do like real songs and, despite knowing precisely what is in his record collection, I can’t help but be impressed by the result of his efforts.

Best song? The robust “Stepping Up”.

The verdict? Strong songs make the difference every time.
Review Date: September 13 2019