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  New Sex Society by Inutili

New Sex Society cover art

Artist: Inutili
Title: New Sex Society
Catalogue Number: Aagoo AGO119
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Way back in the sands of time, there was a concept known as the “head” album that would contain musical musings that would expand the sparkled mind into other dimensions of reality. Such a concept might seem old fashioned and perhaps even unnecessary in these days of conspicuous consumer satisfaction yet Inutili have produced one anyway and called it “New Sex Society”.

Perhaps “New Sex Society” is some sort of literary reference – or perhaps I just want it to be – for this is an album that rambles inexorably through hills and valleys of intellectual pretension and, while that might well sound unappealing, there is a cohesiveness to the superficially avant garde execution that suggests that more discipline has been applied in this album’s creation than the presentation might suggest.

Certainly, the manic saxophone of Luca Di Giammarco seems to be positioned as something of a pied piper leading the spiralling angularity that holds this album together as it changes directions Low on words – but when those words appear, they appear as if possessed of tripped out Lou Reed madness – and high on improvisation, no song ever maintains the expected course and speed that would take it to a destination. Some might call it a product of jazz influences, but these songs are heavier, and often downright transcendental, than the supper club crowd might accept or expect.

It is hard to put this album into words but the very inconsistencies in Inutili’s intent provide much of the appeal that “New Sex Society” will have for ears tired of the mundane.

Best song? “Seeds” – 18 minutes of what is happening here?

The verdict? Not for the mainstream but why follow the crowd?
Review Date: September 23 2019