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  Eponyme by Josy & Pony

Eponyme cover art

Artist: Josy & Pony
Title: Eponyme
Catalogue Number: Freaksville
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

In the wind there is a sound that makes no commercial sense. Insistent to the point of being manic, it is the sound of Belgian individualists Josy & Pony crashing and banging their album “Eponyme” into our collective consciousness.

You can’t, however, really take a band like Josy & Pony to task for what they do as their sledgehammer approach to merging garage rock with ye-ye and random theatricality has positive ear friendly consequences. There is no doubt that Josey’s cute as an angry tiger vocals provide much of the appeal of this album yet the very angularity and super cool retro moves – and that points the finger of glory squarely at “Deux Cheavaux Mustang” – make you wonder why you would bother listening to anything else.

So, if you ever get to thinking that Europe is a bad thing, then listen to Josy & Pony with the volume turned up to an anti-social level and be convinced of the benefits of co-existence. Belgium also makes some rather fine beers in case you should need further evidence of the value of co-operation. Play loud!

Best song? The delinquent “Indécent Pur-Sang”.

The verdict? Positively addictive.
Review Date: October 20 2019