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  Bruto Minore by Ronin

Bruto Minore cover art

Artist: Ronin
Title: Bruto Minore
Catalogue Number: Black Candy Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

Sometimes the words to describe an album such as “Bruto Minore” by Ronin won’t come easily. As an instrumental album, you are without words to guide your thoughts and the direction and, indeed, sense of what you hear can often get lost in the shadows of a forest full of trees that all look that they might be the same.

However, it does not take long to recognise that the fact that a trail of white pebbles has been carefully laid to guide you to this particular musical destination and, while there are songs that are clearly the kind of deep and meaningful musical pondering that can only be expressed by those with advanced musical skills, there are also songs – such a “Oregon” or “Ambush” that are fine examples of endearingly melodic poetry. This is a road map that those with educated ears will willingly follow.

Poised and elegant in style with a true sense of the dynamic, Ronin succeed in turning their album “Bruto Minore” into much more than a mere exercise in musicianship and, in the process, prove the value of an organic approach to the act of artistic creation.
Review Date: November 26 2019