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  Send My Soul by Lorraine Jordan

Send My Soul cover art

Artist: Lorraine Jordan
Title: Send My Soul
Catalogue Number: Hazelville HZ013
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2019

I sometimes wonder if life is passing me by on purpose rather than all those things that I have missed being simply the result of terminal inattention. Such philosophical pondering does, fortunately, provide me with the opportunity to segue to the fact that “Send My Soul” is Lorraine Jordan’s fifth studio album but actually the first to reach my insensitive ears.

Lorraine Jordan is, however, is nothing if not sensitive with the songs that make up this album being decorated with all wistfulness and mid paced melancholy that all the musical inspiration borne of the four seasons might bring. Folk and Nashville influences are, of course, present and correct as this isn’t the kind of album designed to scare, challenge or make you wonder as “Send My Soul” is, instead, the kind of album that works best as a soundtrack to reflection with “Heavenly Voices” and “Say It Now” elegantly demonstrating how someone who appears to be a straight down the line songwriter can walk down the middle of the road and yet still be convincingly poetic.

Underneath it all, Lorraine Jordan has a heart that beats for the humanity that exists, or should exist, in all of us and her songs reflect that. That’s going to work out well for the ears of many.

Best song? “Gypsy Soul” has airplay stamped all over it.

The verdict? A warm blanket for your ears.
Review Date: December 1 2019