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  You've Burnt Your Bridge, Now Lie In It by La Moxie

You've Burnt Your Bridge, Now Lie In It cover art

Artist: La Moxie
Title: You've Burnt Your Bridge, Now Lie In It
Catalogue Number: Real Ghost Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

I don’t know if you have been to Birmingham. I have and I can’t actually remember anything about it. Not entirely sure what that has to do with “You've Burnt Your Bridge, Now Lie In It” by La Moxie but, as clarity returns just in time to add counterpoint, this band are from Birmingham and you might well remember them once heard.

This would be especially true if you like your punk pop done old school for La Moxie are a band that does such a thing well. Listening to this band pulling out all the moves that made yesterday so special, it would have been easy for the more cynical to dismiss this band as just another passenger on the retro bandwagon yet, after the first three pleasingly energetic beer and bop songs on this EP, La Moxie start displaying some rather unexpected depth with “TwentyThirteen” and “A Song For Charlotte” twisting strands of female vocals, restrained riffs and percussive intensity into the kind of rope that could hold a luxury liner to a dock.

So, although La Moxie are a band with fun woven into their music, there is also a deeper, and more emotional, side to them that adds enough substance to their EP to make it into a satisfying musical snack.
Review Date: April 4 2020