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  Folk Pixie by Rosie Eade

Folk Pixie cover art

Artist: Rosie Eade
Title: Folk Pixie
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

I am sure that the philosophers amongst you must have pondered why folk music has such a continuing appeal especially when practically everything in the world is contract manufactured and packaged in shrink wrap. Perhaps because, unlike sponsored output of the corporate music machine, honesty can still survive in the words and the music of a folk singer and therefore, perhaps also in the words and music of a folk pixie like Rosie Eade?

“Folk Pixie” is something of a back to basics album with little more than a guitar and good intentions to keep Rosie Eade’s voice company. That said, her voice lacks neither the conviction nor the authority to make such an album work with each of these twelve songs delivered with a directness and – I shall say it again – honesty that makes the simplicity and sentimentality of all that you hear seem all the more appealing.

In a time where the truth is worth less than a small bag of sugar, Rosie Eade manages, with her disarming charm and gloriously unaffected voice, to make the world seem like a valley where you would want to stroll with her in search of some romantic adventure and, by some amazing coincidence, my boots just happen to be made for walking.
Review Date: April 8 2020