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  Blue To Yellow by Fay Lamour

Blue To Yellow cover art

Artist: Fay Lamour
Title: Blue To Yellow
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 202

Daylight is so yesterday. You know that’s true and so does Fay Lamour as she turns the six songs on her EP “Blue To Yellow” into a soundtrack to a walk into the post-midnight wonderland of smoky minimalism and really nice shoes.

Not for her, however, is the lushness of grand theatrical statements. Instead, her modus operandi is to drift through alleyways of restrained reverb and fragmented melodies in search of that speakeasy with the blue lamp shining brightly outside. Blue is most certainly her colour too and she paints all she sings with those monochromatic hues to thus make her sound resonate with the ghosts of music past.

So, would you want to go to the same club as her? Perhaps, for Fay Lamour has enough class to wait for a man to open the door for her whilst still remaining resolutely on her own course.
Review Date: August 9 2020