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  Disgrace by Rudebeard

Disgrace cover art

Artist: Rudebeard
Title: Disgrace
Catalogue Number: F&J Records SHaG040
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

Rudebeard rattle out another one. The world might be going to the dogs at warp factor six but Scottish ska pranksters Rudebeard maintain their admirable productivity with the release of yet another EP - this time called “Disgrace” – fairly full of bouncy upbeat songs that make you wish you could still go out on a Saturday night.

Well Grandad, what was it really like in the good old days of last year? Basically, we drank beer and jumped about in the company of other sweaty people to tunes like the three on this EP. This might well be seen by some as the curse of infinite repeat but it is hard to dislike any band who regard general untidiness as part and parcel of their plan to get your feet moving with “Disgrace” and “Are You Ready” both being easily capable of disengaging your common sense and getting you on to that dancefloor although “World Keeps Rolling On” is, admittedly, a rather more sentimental proposition. Then again, every night has to end so that a new day might begin.

One for my baby and three for the road. Rudebeard, once again, do not disgrace themselves.
Review Date: August 23 2020