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  La Chunky Sessions by Reaction

La Chunky Sessions cover art

Artist: Reaction
Title: La Chunky Sessions
Catalogue Number: Tarbeach TAR015
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

Oh, this one needs to be played loud. Not just a bit loud but a lot loud and, if you have ever wondered what music sounds like without Mr Sheen then these four songs from never going to die punk old timers Reaction will provide you with the answer.

Subtlety was never on the cards for this band and “The La Chunky Sessions” duly rattles away like the proverbial blast from the past and, in doing so, reminds you why music was once more than a soundtrack to an advert for fast food. These songs clearly aren’t epics yet, in the mere twelve minute duration of this CD, I still managed to drink two litres of cheap cider. You might think that’s not much, but it was only eight in the morning…

All said and done, the ghost of punk clearly isn’t about to be exorcised anytime soon from Reaction. May we all be thankful for that.

Best song? The old school singalong “Kamikaze Baby”.

The verdict? Some bands will never die.
Review Date: October 8 2020