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  Young Adult Fiction by you.Guru

Young Adult Fiction cover art

Artist: you.Guru
Title: Young Adult Fiction
Catalogue Number: Antena Krzyku
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2020

Can an album rumble? Not like a train might rumble but like a worn wheel bearing on a twenty year old Audi. “Young Adult Fiction” rumbles like worn wheel bearing and, like said wheel bearing, it isn’t going to stop until you get it fixed. That kind of sonic persistence is the trademark of you.Guru.

Like most instrumental albums, there is little to take straight to your heart in these six extended tracks. The cool precision of the drumming easily transcends the loops borne of the dancefloor and, with post rock keyboard and guitar extemporisations occasionally dragging your ears towards the light of freedom, the result speaks loudly and clearly in tones of oppression and intellectual imprisonment. “Young Adult Fiction” is therefore something of a repeated play album as the free space between the sounds only becomes evident after this band’s private jet leaves runway 33 for the second time.

I suppose that this musical approach is hardly commercial in this day and age but this rather studious approach brings its own benefits especially when considering the level of musical skill that it takes to translate the confines of the mind into a rumbling reminder of all that once was when the power chords were free to roam the autobahns of Europe.
Review Date: October 8 2020