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  Crocodiles by Zonules of Zinn

Crocodiles cover art

Artist: Zonules of Zinn
Title: Crocodiles
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

Maybe it is Glasgow thing? Bands that you thought long dead resurface with a new album and so it was that the sun shone once more on Zonules of Zinn. Digging back into the archives, it would seem that the pen was last wielded on this band way back in 2008 so it is about time some more ink was spilled next to that permanent pakora sauce stain that will forever accompany a review. Ergo ipso facto words on their new album “Crocodiles”.

Do you have a liking for power pop that has been properly matured? If so, the ten songs on this album will undoubtedly contain much that will meet your approval. Not being the kind of band to have just one musical influence, Zonules of Zinn confidently walk their style thing between the raucous side of Weezer – “Papa O” - and an altogether subtler and almost alt-rock counterpoint – “Prognosis” – whilst still making the effort to inject some playful quirkiness – “Lesson #1” - into the proceedings. The most noticeable thing about this album, however, is the all pervading energy and enthusiasm that the band use to keep their songs forever dancing in your ears. You just wouldn’t think that this was a band that had been around since the dawn of hangovers.

So, boom boom and welcome back from the dead to Zonules of Zinn. “Crocodiles” will make you believe in the value of resurrection.

Best song? “Lesson #1”.

The verdict? Listen and get happy ears in return.
Review Date: November 1 2020