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  The Next Reason To Breathe by Before Stories

The Next Reason To Breathe cover art

Artist: Before Stories
Title: The Next Reason To Breathe
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2020

I remember going to Aberdeen. As cities go, it has little to commend it unless you have an affinity for the colour grey. There is a lot of grey in Aberdeen. As awkward segues go, that takes me directly into the greyest selection of songs that I have recently heard and those six songs of anguish come from “The Next Reason To Breathe” by Before Stories.

You might therefore think that listening to Before Stories would be a interminably dull experience yet, despite the inherent fogginess of this rather rough lo-fi recording, it did not turn out to be so for, underneath the murk, is much in the way of nihilistic anger. This anger provides the driving force for the literate lyrics and, if such things are your deep fried Mars Bar, a sugar rush will be surely be yours.

I like it when I hear a voice, any voice, with something to say. The Before Stories voice may not be one borne of a candy cane world but the harsh reality and honesty to be found within “The Next Reason to Breathe” provides more than enough reason to give these songs a listen.

Available from Bandcamp with a cassette also available from Ripcord Records.
Review Date: January 9 2021